About US

Abeee General Trading LLC group was founded in United Arab Emirates early 2011, with many years of experience in supplying electronic components, sub-assemblies, solutions and large varieties of products to our local and international markets. The geographical location of Dubai, United Arab Emirates and the economic development attracted a lot of businesses, not only from the laws and regulations available to investors but also the unlimited support by the Government.The result of a safe and long-term investment environment that enabled the group to partner with prominent global clients in various sectors such as Education, Research / Development, Automation, Industrial, Power Generation, Tele-communications, civil defense, Military and more. Our branches are located in Oman & SAUDI ARABIA


We supply a huge variety of electronic and electrical components, from over 10,000 different in Stock SKUs to millions of other components we procure on daily basis from trusted partners that are located across the seven continents. Our main focus in our distributorships and partnerships with global manufacturers is concentrated in Industrial Automation, Elevators, Robotics, 3D printing, smart home automation, manufacturing lines automation and AI.


Provide best in class service to our clients through sourcing high quality engineering spare parts from leading manufacturers across the world in a timely manner, while excelling in developing solutions that help engineers and the industry to move forward in creating and crafting their products.


Be an inspiration hub to engineers all over the world to create and elevate in their projects which can drive a positive change to the world.